Netgalley Spring Cleaning

Over the weekend I did a little Netgalley Spring Cleaning. My to be read pile is enormous and my Kindle was getting cluttered. I decided to power through a few graphic novels from my Netgalley pile. Since they're quick reads, I'm just going to do a few sentence mini-reviews on each.... really, just my overall impressions on the books. All of these titles are also towards my Netgalley reading challenge.

47 Ronin by Mike Richardson & Stan Sakai
This wasn't a book that really interested me,  but it did encourage me to look up the movie, as well as the history. Beautiful book but just not my cup of tea. I do think that ya readers,  especially boys will enjoy this.

Grimm Fairy Tales: Realm Knights by Patrick Shand
Very cool concept. Loved the plot and the graphics are great. I'm interested in the next volume after reading this one. Well done and I also think my students would like this.

Sheltered Volume 1 by Ed Brisson & John Christmas
The men and women of Safe Haven have been preparing for any-and-all end of world scenarios for years. However, their bunkers, weapons and training can't save them from the one threat they never could have expected: Their own children.

Handmade Gatherings by Ashley English
This book was incredibly inspiring. The ideas are fresh and fun and the images are stunning. The recipes sound divine and I am excited to test them out with the approaching Spring/Summer season. We love hosting parties at our home and this book got me inspired to do more than just bbq with beers. I am also planning a wedding (June 2015) that will have this handmade vibe and many ideas will be incorporated into that thanks to this book. I'm highly recommending this to friends!

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FTC: I received all titles via Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review

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