Contagious: A Novel
Its been a long time since I stayed up way past my bedtime to finish a book.  Remember my post on the 4th?  I finished Infected at 10am and handed the book over to Joe.  We had a busy Saturday afternoon and went to a ball game Saturday night.  Neither of us read much.  Sunday was a different story.  Joe rarely has Sunday off (about once every few months) so we had a 'lazy Sunday'.  I woke up early, started a stew in the crockpot and then we both settled in to read.  We had a few things to do, so it wasn't straight through reading... but, both of us finished our books.  He finished Infected around 3:15am and I finished Contagious around 3:30am this morning.  I wasn't even tired!
I was obnoxiously obsessed with Infected and completely sucked in from the get go to Contagious.  Scott Sigler hit it out of the park!  Contagious picks up right where Infected left off- still in the mist of a crazy disease making killers out of human hosts.  But something is different this time.  More people are infected and the hosts are acting differently, as are the symptoms.  Not to mention the fact clearly it has gone contagious.  What happens to humanity now?  Will the president pull the trigger on "option number 4" or will Margaret get this thing under control?  And just who- or what- is behind this infection?
Contagious answered all of my burning questions... in a mind-blowing, edge of the seat, what happens next, ohmyfreakinggod!, don't shut your eyes- finish the book now! novel.  I could not pull away.  Scott Sigler drew me in so deep... I was completed invested in the novel.  The characters grew (as did my love for them) and changed, the plot thickened and humanity was on the brink.   Like a well oiled machine, Contagious just kept going.. never letting up, and never letting go of the grip it has on the reader.
I'm in love.  They were incredible.  I cannot remember the last time I was so wrapped up in a book.  At 3:30am, I promptly handed the novel over to Joe.  He couldn't wait to start reading, but had to go to bed so he wasn't dragging ass at work today.  But he did take it to work... I'm sure the kids will run wild today as Joe gets sucked in as deep as I was.
Only problem now... deciding what the hell to read next- because I'm sure nothing will compare.

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  1. Wow, I'm thrilled you enjoyed CONTAGIOUS and INFECTED so much. It's always a rush for an author to know he connected with a reader like this. Glad you dug it.

    PANDEMIC, the third book in the series, should be out Halloween 2011.