Halloween Tales

Halloween in approaching!  That means it's time for me to start reading my collection of children's literature with spooky Halloween themes.  I have spent the past few evenings out on my porch reading spooky children's lit by candle light.  I love Halloween and tend to forget how awesome children's Halloween themed stories are.  I have oodles of picture books as well as chapter books.  Focusing on chapter books right now, here are the books I've been perusing.

 Fright Night by Molly Albright is GREAT.  An original Troll Book- I don't even know if you can buy these new anywhere.  The amazon link is to the used copies.  My copy comes from my older sister.  In this story, 4 best friends are planning their Halloween night when a dare changes everything.  Can Missy stay in The Old Rochester house for an our at midnight?  Everyone knows Old Mrs. Rochester haunts the house and they even saw here in the window!  Will Missy survive?  Some talking points that come out of this book: peer pressure, good friends, trust and how to deal with a bossy friend.

Magic Tree House #30: Haunted Castle on Hallows Eve (A Stepping Stone Book(TM))I also have a ton of Magic Tree House chapter books.  The Magic Tree House series is an excellent teaching tool.  All of the books tie in historical fiction, imagination, mythology and legends among other things.  At the end of each book, Mary Pope Osborne gives the reader a note explaining where she drew ideas from.  I just finished reading The Haunted Castle on Hallows Eve, Magic Tree House #30 by Mary Pope Osborne.  This time, Annie & Jack are off on an adventure for Merlin the Magician.  They must save Camelot and restore order to the castle.  Once Annie and Jack arrive to meet Merlin, they join with Teddy and journey to the castle.  The trio comes across ghosts and a deadly raven army.  To save the day, they must find the missing diamond of destiny.  Will they succeed?!  Some talking points that come out of this book: empathy, planning, historical references, bravery and imagination.

The Ghostville Elementary series by Marcia T. Jones and Debbie Dadey is a cute series that follows a classroom of students at Sleepyhollow Elementary School.  Everyone calls it Ghostville Elementary because the school is rumored to be haunted by ghosts... and it sure is!  Friendly and sometimes mischievous ghosts appear to a trio of students in Frights! Camera! Action!  In this story, a famous director has heard about the rumors of ghosts haunting the school and decides to film in the basement classrooms.  As auditions are held the town goes crazy to get in the movie as an extra.  Some lucky students are cast in the movie, but some of the ghosts want to be in it to!  Not to be left out, they come up with a plan to either get in the movie or ruin the show.  Will Jeff share the limelight and let the ghosts play a role in the movie?  Some talking points that come out of this book: sharing, kindness, competition, dealing with fame and a nasty friend.

The Peculiar Pumpkin Thief (Geronimo Stilton, No. 42)Geronimo Stilton is a mouse.  He is the editor of the most famous newspaper and writes the most famous books in all of New Mouse City.  In this playful Italian series (translated into English), Geronimo has many adventures.  Fun to read, the text is littered with fun fonts to emphasize certain words, as well as great illustrations and maps.  This Halloween, he decided to throw a party for his nephew... but suddenly all the Halloween decorations (and even the pumpkins!) disappear in The Peculiar Pumpkin Thief.  Geronimo and all the other inhabitants of New Mouse City are invited to a secret Halloween party... but it is a stranger who invites them to a mystery park in the city.  With everyone so excited about a mysterious party celebrating Halloween, no one stops to think about who invited them.  Soon they find themselves trapped as their town is being looted by a thief!  Will Geronimo be able to get out of the park and save the day?  And who is this masked thief?!  Some talking points that come out of this book: stranger danger, trusting your gut, the effect or fonts in writing and the effect of maps & legends in writing.

I will continue to read Halloween books throughout the month of September and share them!  Hope you enjoy, and feel energized for Halloween!

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  1. Love your blog layout Jenna! My daughter loves Geronimo Stilton book!!

    I hope you and Joe are well!

    Hugs, Kelly