Lego Party Prep Update!

Madeline's Lego Birthday Party in fast approaching!
Here is what we've been working on:

The Invitations:

I modeled the invites after Lego bricks, using 3D glue dots to make the circles pop!

For the Goodie Bags:

Candy brick stacks with "thank you" and "love Maddie" toppers

Lego towers

Lego Men & Lego Brick crayons 
(I wrote about these on this post.. but now I've finally gotten around to bagging them up!)

And of course, still to do....

Chocolate Lego Men & Bricks for the ice cream bar
Cover a ton of juice boxes to look like Legos
Make the bags for their treats
Food / Cake
Lego "7" door hanger
Make stamped Lego pj's for the girls
Wrap her gifts
Lego food / ice cream bar labels

We decided not to do the Lego table... just not enough time. I am doing the photo cut out, because a wonderful K teacher I know used Lego as a theme for "Kindergarten Fun Club" and made a life size Lego Man with the head cut out for photos! She offered it up for our party!! It looks awesome & is currently off getting laminated. Eeeps! Yay!

So that is all things Lego in the house lately! Phew!

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