Mindy makes me laugh...

Rarely do I ever pick up "funny" books. I am not a comedy person... I don't love sitcoms or slapstick movies... same goes for books. Now, I do enjoy heavy doses of sarcasm... I'm kind of ridiculously sarcastic.. which is why I picked up Mindy Kaling's best seller Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (and other concerns). She is sarcastic and funny. Not bathroom humor or stupid slapstick humor... but real, funny, sarcastic, satire type of ha-ha funny.

First of all, the amount of praise that went around this book was pretty big. Mindy is kind of a big deal. I figured I would be in for a funny little ride.
In actuality, while I did find it amusing, I was not as impressed as the rave reviews led me to assume I would be. Kaling did a phenomenal job with the dry humor, but the book as a whole was really disjointed. Maybe it is because I read so much (and so little of this style) that I had a hard time with how random the book was... the chapters were individually funny, but the book just didn't flow. This turned out to be good and bad. The bad was that it annoyed me... I just hand a hard time getting going with so many different little anecdotes. The good was that it broke the book up and I was able to read it by sections. I kind of appreciated the humor more in a sense because of that.

Overall, I giggled and did enjoy the book. My favorite chapter was Best Friend Rights and Responsibilities. I laughed and totally related to it... then promptly emailed the chapter to my best friend. I gushed over how much it fit us and how different parts of the chapter focus on different parts of our long friendship (including that awkward part where we didn't hang out for a few years).

I would recommend this one to those who are looking for a giggle and some really light reading. It is definitely for those who aren't easily offended and enjoy dry witty humor. Oh, and if you're interested in Mindy at all, totally get this. I feel like I know everything about her now. Not to mention the awesome pictures scattered throughout the book.

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