Party Prep!

Madeline is turning 7! (ummm... when did she grow up?! stop it. seriously.) For her birthday party, she requested a LEGO theme. We will be having her birthday a few weekends after her birthday just because March is an intensely busy month for everyone in the family and later in the month was just the best to get all the cousins together.

Even though we have about a month to prep, I have been working on small projects for the party here and there. So far I have completed two projects...

First up:
Lego Cutlery Containers!

I thrifted two huge bags of Mega Blocks for $5 and used them to create our three silverware containers.
I used Mega Blocks for two reasons: 
1. MUCH easier to thrift 
2. They are BIG so you don't use up as much

Doing this took no time at all... I just made a base out of the blocks then built up the sides. I made each holder one brick larger for some visual appeal. Also, I am likely going to get some more cutlery in different colors- red was just what I had on hand.

Next up:
Goodie Bag Crayons!

We made both solid Lego Men crayons and Marbled Lego Brick crayons.
I ordered both Lego Men and Lego Brick silicone molds from Amazon. I doubled the order and got 4 molds- one set for food and one set for crayons. 

This was another easy project. Peel your crayons (easiest way: let soak in water for about 30 mins, then the labels slip right off!) and break them into little chucks. For the Lego Men we just layered one color and for the Marbled Bricks we used two crayon colors. Pop them in the oven at 250 and watch them melt! I didn't time them, but they take about 20-30 mins to fully melt. Let them cool for a good hour or so before you pop them out of the molds.

I think they turned out excellent! I'm going to do one more batch this weekend and then that project will be finished!

Some other things that I have started are the invites (gotta finish those this weekend) and the Pinata. Oh, and by "started the Pinata" I mean that I got the fillings and saved a box. Ha! I'm filling it with ONE mix bag of candy and the rest is going to be REAL Legos!

I also have purchased a bag of candy bricks to put in goodie bags and to put on the ice cream bar.

As far as other projects to work on... 

- a Lego '7' door hanger
- Lego 'Happy Birthday' bunting (maybe)
- Chocolate Lego Men & Bricks
- Lego cake (duh)
- Lego ice cream bar labels
- Make a Lego themed photo booth (maybe)
- Make up the goodie bags
- Make Lego print PJ pants for Maddie & Ava for the sleepover (hopefully)
- Make Lego baggies for Pinata prize collection
- Wrap juice boxes to look like Legos (maybe)
- Make a Lego build table (Barrett!)
- Finish Pinata
- Finish invites (this weekend!) 

If you want an idea of what some of these look like... many of them are on my Lego Party Pinterest board. By the way, how the hell did we get ideas before Pinterest?!

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