Refreshing Bath Soak

I have been having WAY too much fun getting back into craft mode. Now that my craft room in the basement is pretty much complete and the weather is cold & dreary, I am finding myself spending more time creating.
With this yucky post-holiday winter weather, I look forward to invigorating my senses. Looking for something to help me perk up, I decided to make a refreshing bath soak. This soak is just a few simple ingredients and a blend of yummy citrus scents. Citrus scents are believed to uplift the soul, wake you up, and surround you with joy.... this is exactly why I used them... and why I love aromatherapy.

Refreshing Bath Soak

1 1/2c Epsom Salt
1/2c Sea Salt
1/4c Baking Soda
20 drops Tangerine Essential Oil
15 drops Sweet Orange Essential Oil
10 drops Lemon Essential Oil
10 drops Grapefruit Essential Oil

Combine all your dry ingredients in a bowl until well mixed
Add your essential oils and stir to coat all your salts
Allow time to absorb and dry
Pour into your jar (I used a mason jar) & prettify!

My Lemon EO has the faintest hint of yellow and added this beautiful natural color  to my salts
 Bath Salts are so simple to create... I've made them for ages and just recently started making them again. I can't believe I ever stopped! I don't even measure anymore.. I just dump in some Epsom Salts, dump in some Sea Salt, add some Baking Soda, then scent to my preference. 

Whenever I am feeling like I need a little pick me up, I just sprinkle a handful of this Refreshing Citrus Soak into my bathwater.... the smell is divine and the water becomes silky smooth!

If you make this recipe, share your thoughts! I'd love to hear how it worked out and what you think of this scent combination.

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