I'm back!

Well, after a few month hiatus, I am officially back to the blogging world.  Balancing life and work has been difficult lately, which is why I took a break from blogging.  I didn't stop reading though.  Nor did I stop taking photographs.  I have a few books I would like to share, some new photography, and a new book club I am running at my school.  There is a lot to update on, and I will get to all that eventually.  Knwoing me, it will be a slow dip back into blogging- hopefully I will get back to posting daily.  I may start a "weekly" format type thing- Im thinking of rekindling my romance with Shakespeare... so maybe "Shakespeare Sunday" and another one focused on my photography.  Books are not being reading near as fast as they were before- work is VERY demanding right now.  I also have a book club to run with high schoolers.  Slowly but surely, I plan to get back to sharing my ramblings with the world.

You may notice I deleted most of my posts- I kept only the ones that were strictly reviews.  I also changed my blog look, and added some snow since it IS December (and upstate NY hasn't had any snow yet!!)  How do you like it??

I will be updating soon!  xoxo


  1. Jenna, Jenna! How are you? Your blog looks great, love the snow!!

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