2010 Challenges

I am not much a challenge person, mainly because I start them and never finish.  So I am planning on starting the year off on the right foot- joining 2 challenges that I know I can do.  I figure this will encourage me, and maybe I will join others as the year progresses.

The first challenge I want to introduce is the Buy One Book and Read It Challenge hosted by Amy.  The challenge started when Amy heard that 50% of Americans did not read a book in a single year - her hope was to inspire people to READ.  I agree that the statistic is shocking (especially to a book lover and a teacher)... but I realize that American households are flooded with technology (TV, playstations, Wii, etc etc) and therefore reading sits on the backburner.  Unfortunately I also see it first hand - I teach adolescents between 10 - 13 and they aren't exactly the biggest readers... however, every day I am working on it!
I apologize, I have side tracked... I will step off of the soapbox now.
The challenge has 3 levels, and since I am an avid book buyer, I am going to pick Level 3.  Level 3 consists of buying 12 books and reading them before 12.31.10.  Last night I picked up 2 books, so I am already on my way!

The second challenge that I am going to join is the Memorable Memoir Reading Challenge hosted by Melissa.  I picked this challenge because memoirs are one of my favorite genres- therefore it just fits!  The goal is to read at least 4 memoirs between 1.1.10 and 12.31.10.  I just got a great memoir from Joe for Christmas, so I am going to begin with that.  The rules are very chill, to allow more readers to find a love in memoir reading.  The books can overlap with other challenges, the description of memoir is loose, both audio and e-books are allowed.

There you have it!  Here is to ringing in 2010 and making some goals for myself with these reading challenges!

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  1. Hi Jenna - thanks so much for joining the Memorable Memoir Challenge! I made the "rules" pretty low-key for exactly the reason you mention ... to let more readers discover what we already know about memoirs, and to give people a chance to succeed at finishing a challenge. (I just finished my first one this fall ... after not completing, oh, about 5 of them.)

    We've each read 56 books this year, too.

    I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog. Thanks again for joining!

  2. Hi Jenna,

    I'm so happy to have found your blog while glancing at the stats on my blog. I love to read, but in the past few years have gotten a little lazy and read more cookbooks and magazines than I should. A group of my girlfriends started a book club a few months ago. I can't wait to pass along your site to them! Happy New Year!