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Can YOU find Momo?!

About the book:
Quirk Books // March 14, 2014
Meet Momo, a border collie who loves tagging along on adventures and getting his picture taken. Find Momo is more than a photo book: it’s a game, and it’s up to you to find out where the playful pup is hiding. Fans of photographer Andrew Knapp’s popular blog and Instagram feed will love the whimsical pictures of Momo in his element and all-new adventures as he poses, peeks out, and camouflages himself in all kinds of places. From simple settings to more complex hide-and-go-seeks, there’s lots for dog lovers of all ages to discover.

My thoughts:
Lily wants to play 'hide' too!
I adored this photo journey! Andrew Knapp's photography is beautiful an his border collie, Momo, adds the perfect dash of whimsy to each image. Just like "Where's Waldo", the idea is to find Momo in each image. He loves playing hide & seek, and what started on Instagram has blossomed into a great coffee table book. I say coffee table book because this is a book that will never go on a shelf- it will sit on my end table or coffee table for years to come because people of all ages can enjoy this book. Some will love it for the stunning photography and others will love it for the fun of finding Momo. Whatever category you fit in, this book is sure to please. Some images are easy and some are hard but all are fun. I had a great time looking for Momo and have already browsed the book multiple times.
Quirk nailed it with this one- I can see many more editions of Find Momo coming out and pleasing audiences for ages. I sincerely hope that Andrew Knapp continues the game, both on his Instagram feed (go check it out- SUCH fun!) and in print form.

In addition to how fun it is- TWO images from Find Momo are from my hometown area. One house I knew immediately- you'll find a cute little home on page 92 that is from a bordering town, Endicott NY. The other image took a minute, but when I read the image description it dawned on me that what I thought was just a fleeting recognition of a fairly normal setting was actually an area I've passed on many occassions. Also nearby, the image of wood stacks on pages 80 and 81 is on 17C just nearby. Pretty cool that our little area of the Southern Tier is featured in Find Momo! I sure hope Momo and Andrew come back to the area and visit some of the other treasures of the Southern Tier and play hide & seek!

About the author:
ANDREW KNAPP is a graphic designer and photographer from northern Ontario. In addition to his work for wonderful clients including Oracle, FedEx, mini USA, Sony, and Walgreens, Andrew has filmed a TED talk and the INSTAMISSIONS web series in collaboration with MTV and Sony Xperia. Visit gofindmomo.com. Plus, 100,000+ Instagram fans can’t be wrong! Follow @andrewknapp and #findmomo to join in the fun.

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FTC: I received a review copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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