2014 Challenges

I really can't believe that it is already February and here I am JUST now thinking about 2014 Reading Challenges. I was reading over the long weekend and realized that I haven't actually signed up for any challenges for the year so I decided to poke around and see what is out there.
I also have been really bad about staying on track with hopping to blogs and checking in on my book blogger friends! I am not tech savvy when it comes to syncing all my bloggy stuff with my phone... I really gotta get on that- any tips? I'm also trying to stay up with Twitter more this year- I seem to go in spurts with it. I also want to join more challenges and participate in more read-athons and read-alongs.

My personal blogging 2014 goals:
~ read 80 books
~ interact with more book bloggers and visit blogs
~ join more challenges / read-athons / read-alongs
~ stay up to date with twitter
~ stay on top of reviews (review new reads within a week)

2014 Challenges I am participating in:

Level SILVER: 25 books
This challenge is designed to help us clear out our many egalleys! I know that I have a ton and every time I go on to check in, I always end up adding more titles. It is an endless cycle of goodness, but it is also an endless TBR addition. 

The Deets:
Challenge Host: Falling For YA
Challenge Dates: Jan 1, 2014 - Dec 31, 2014
Postings: monthly wrap-up and linky
Giveaways: throughout the year
Levels: varies between 5 (aluminum) and 100 (diamond)

Level RECRUIT: 6 books
This challenge is designed to push me to read some more dystopian reads. I love dystopian books but have really fallen off the bandwagon... my hope is that choosing recruit and reaching 6 books will reignite my love of good dystopian lit!

The Deets:
Challenge Host: Blog of Erised
Challenge Dates: Jan 1, 2014 - Dec 31, 2014
Postings: monthly review linky
Giveaway: end of the year
Levels: varies between 1-6 (recruit) and 19+ (leader)

Level AWARE: 8 books
This challenge is designed to increase awareness for mental illness. Considering my profession, this challenge hits home for me. I work with children with mental illnesses and I am a huge advocate for erasing mental health stigma. My hope is that this challenge increases awareness and pushes me to read new books relating to mental health.

The Deets:
Challenge Host: Opinions of a Wolf
Challenge Dates: Jan 1, 2014 - Dec 31, 2014
Postings: link in comment of sign-up
Levels: varies between 4 (acquainted) and 12+ (advocate)

write to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow

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