Well, I kind of hid and fell off the face of the earth for the month of October. Barrett was away for 5 weeks and I spent a lot of time keeping busy by reading and hanging with friends, hence my blogging fell to the wayside. It was the longest time we have been apart, so I did my damnedest to stay busy and not think of it!
While I may not have been blogging, I was reading and I was watching movies and such for RIPVIII. I will post reviews of some of the books I read and movies I watched while I was away from the blogosphere.
I must admit that I am highly disappointed in my scary spooky October reading. Typically I read and watch a TON of horror/thriller material, but with Bear away I wasn't as into it. It may not scare me, but I wasn't all that keen on reading scary stuff while home alone for weeks on end... the house is quiet when it is just me and the dog!

Here's a quick little list on what I have been up to while I was away from the computer:

The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova
Suburban Legends by Sam Stall
Dracula: A Classic Pop-up Tale by Claire Bampton
Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer (re-read)
Doctor Sleep by Stephen King (currently reading)

Resident Evil
Resident Evil: Apocalypse
Resident Evil: Extinction
Resident Evil: Afterlife
Resident Evil: Retribution
Session 9
The House of the Devil
Ghost Hunters (series)
The Ward

I hope to review these titles and get them posted by the end of this week. I've also got a few books to read that came in the mail for review, so be on the lookout for those too!

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