Shine-along Wrap Up!

I absolutely LOVED rereading The Shining! It was such a good idea to do the Shinealong and I am so happy that Tif and Charleen hosted this readalong.

I forgot to check-in to discuss chapters 17-33 (oops!) but I do recall that was when things seriously heated up and when I started to get freaked out reading it while Bear was at work.

The final wrap-up is to discuss 34 to the end. Dun dun dun. The biggest thing I noticed while finishing up the book was that it is glaringly different from the movie. I read the book a long long long time ago, but I've seen the movie a million times, so of course that was right in the back of my mind while reading. I vividly remember the REDRUM scene from the movie, but was disappointed to see it wasn't actually in the book. I forgot that! However, there was just so much more in the book. Wendy's battle with Jack was much more epic as King described it in the story. I felt terrified for her. When Danny and Jack came head to head, I loved the way that Danny approached his father and stopped the madness. The description of Jack in those ending scenes were incredibly dramatic and so much more fulfilling than in the movie. It seemed to make so much more sense. The description of Hallorann watching the explosion was almost poetic- it was a beautiful demise.
Overall, I am really pleased with the book- I was glad to reread it as an adult because I think I understood a lot more this time around. Like Tif said, the connections between King's other writings are always fascinating. I would love to make some huge flow chart of all those connections... and understand WHY. Hmmm.. if only there was a memoir... ("On Writing" totally doesn't count- I want the nitty gritty!).

So... how is everyone else feeling about The Shining? Did you love it or did you hate it? Annnddd... who is joining in for the Doctor Sleep readalong?! Yep- that is right... Doctor Sleep is officially out and I am beyond excited to read all about little Danny Torrance all grown up. Tif and Charleen are hosting the Sleepalong- we're starting on Monday, so there is plenty of time to grab a copy and join in... so go sign-up and join in the fun!

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  1. Thanks for reading with us! Can't wait for Doctor Sleep!

  2. I think I understood a lot more this time around as well. The complexity behind the characters was also much more meaningful. I'm curious as King as aged and improved in his writing how Doctor Sleep will be. It has been so long since he wrote The Shining and the evolution of the writer will be interesting to explore as well as Danny!