Shinealong check-in!

It's Monday the 9th, and that means it is time to check-in with our mid-way post for The Shining Read-along!
Tif and Charleen broke their check point posts down by characters and their thoughts overall. In keeping with this group RAL, I'm going to post my thoughts the same way!

So far, I really enjoy being inside Danny's mind. He is a dynamic little kiddo and has some pretty interesting thoughts. Seeing how he shines from his point of view is neat, especially when compared to the movie. King gives so much more background information then what was gleamed from the movie and I am thoroughly enjoying it when it comes to Danny. I certainly agree with Tif that Danny is definitely growing up too fast- he is a product of his environment (alcoholism, an instance of abuse, and his ability to shine) and as you read the novel you get to really see how this has changed how his little 5 year old mind thinks.

Oh Jack... you are so out of control and you don't even realize it. He seems like he is trying and he seems like he has control, but as we got close to The Shining's midway point, it became glaringly obvious that Jack isn't in control. His alcoholism seemed to have exacerbated the issues pertaining to his anger and inability to control himself, but even though he is dry now, those cracks are still there, just under the surface. Since I know what Jack gets up to, it is hard for me to really like him, even in these early stages of the book where he appears to be doing his best. Again, King provides some great back-story for Jack and I feel like all of those tidbits of information paint a very clear picture of the man he was and the man he is becoming.

I think I am happiest with the information King provides for Wendy. The movie didn't give much background for her life story. Now that I am forming a picture of her in my mind thanks to the character development, I am finding myself much more invested in her then I ever was in the movie. Her history is helpful in forming a connection to her in the novel. I am annoyed at all her back and forth in her head over Jack.... it is as though she has a gut feeling about the future with Jack but just can't seem to leave.

Other thoughts
I am really enjoying The Shining. Like I said in my sign-up post, I read this one back in high school but don't really remember it. Now as I am re-reading, some of the details are coming back to me. The novel is certainly better than the movie (duh) and it is holding my attention like crazy. I actually put the book away in a drawer so I didn't read past ch16 for today's check-in!!
King's writing in this novel seems to just flow. The pacing is great and all the little creepy moments tucked in throughout are excellent for keeping the reader engaged, even when most of the beginning two sections are pretty much all back-story.

So, there ya have it folks... my thoughts on The Shining thus far. Can't wait to hear your thoughts! Go check out the linky over on Tif's blog to see what others are saying!

On a side note, my copy of The Shining is pretty cool. I have a 1978 Signet version of the book- it is a very cool cover.

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  1. Danny is my favorite character in the book (which just makes me anticipate Doctor Sleep all the more). I agree, it is great to see his ability from his own point of view -- the dreams and things that Tony shows him as well as simply reading the thoughts and emotions of others around him -- and it breaks my heart to see how much responsibility he puts on himself and how much he's had to grow beyond his years... but that just makes those occasional moments of child-like innocence more special.

  2. So many things to respond to here!!

    The Cover ... I absolutely adore the cover to your book!! I need to see if I can get my hands on that specific copy (like I need another one)!!

    Wendy ... You know, I just keep thinking back to a comment that Mr. Hallaron said in passing that he sensed that she had a bit of the shine herself. He attributed it to being a mother -- that all mothers tend to have a bit of the shine -- but, with some of her internal dialogue, I have to wonder if maybe there is a bit more to it. Maybe it is hereditary?!? (I know, totally random, but I just keep going back to that comment!!)

    I completely agree with you about Danny and Jack, as well as your other thoughts. Now, I'm off to go dive into the action! See you on Twitter until next week!