The Historian mini-review

The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova is pretty much the longest and most drawn out book I have ever read. Okay- maybe not literally, but figuratively it was. First of all, I started this out as part of the read-along with the Estella Society for RIPVIII- it was way too long and way too dry for me so I fell ridiculously behind before just giving up and resigning myself to finishing it when I found the time.The other problem I had was that I have never read Dracula by Bram Stoker and I've never watched any of the Dracula films- frankly, I was lost. Barrett likes the story of Dracula, so I kept bugging him until he finally got annoyed with my million questions and made me watch Bram Stoker's Dracula (the 1992 version). Once I watched the movie, I was able to understand a bit more of what was going on in The Historian. Even still, I didn't love the book. It was way too heavy in extraneous details and just soooo long. Thankfully I borrowed the book on my Kindle through the library. Once I finished this book, I didn't sigh with admiration for it.. I sighed and thought "well at least I finished it". Maybe this book is more suited to those who really love the history of Dracula. For me, it just didn't wow. On the flip side- it is a beautiful macabre tale.. I just don't think it was a good fit for me.

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