From the dog's point of view...

Not long ago I finally got around to reading W. Bruce Cameron's A Dog's Purpose and A Dog's Journey.... no idea what took me so long! Written from the point of view of a dog, both books are touching and heartfelt reads.

A Dog's Purpose is a wonderful story about a sweet dog who is rolling through (more than one) life and figuring out just what it is he is destined to do. He has some pretty interesting adventures, all of which have a message. I adored this book and took away some beautiful little messages on living your life with a purpose. This book was a quick read and I was so very anxious to read A Dog's Journey. Thankfully I had this book on hand so I started it right away. Our favorite pooch is back in A Dog's Journey... he thought he served his purpose, but he has just a bit more work to do. Just as heartwarming as A Dog's Purpose, Cameron hits it out of the park with A Dog's Journey. Filled with meaning and more little tidbits to take away, this was another quick and cute read. I really enjoyed both books. I met such a great cast of characters in both books, I felt as if I learned a little bit from each one.

I highly recommend both books to anyone interested in a book that is both a fun and light read while still having plenty of meaning and is very heartwarming.

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