Dystopia Challenge

I got my feet wet with the Young Adult Dystopian Challenge I participated in last year and decided that I loved dystopia more than I originally realized and must participate in another challenge!  I am joining in the Dystopia Challenge hosted by Dutchie of Bookish Ardour.
The challenge runs from 1.1.11 {bit late in locating that challenge!} to 12.31.11 and participants may sign up any time throughout the year, as long as they can finish their level by 12.31.11.
There are 7 levels to choose from (ranging from 5 to 200 books!)... I'm going to join in on the Asocial Level... I will be reading at least 5 dystopia novels.  I will probably read more, but I don't want to over commit!
I have no idea what I plan to read, so I will be perusing Dutchie's list of the best Dystopian novels.  Hope you can join in the fun!

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