Bare: The Naked Truth About Stripping

Bare: The Naked Truth About Stripping (Live Girls)
Bare: The Naked Truth About Stripping by Elisabeth Eaves falls into my current memoir obsession: sex workers.  Not sure why, but I am totally sucked in.  I love reading about the strength these women have and the motives behind their choices.  I guess that falls into why I read any memoir, but in particular the sex industry makes for a captivating backdrop.  I guess it started with Candy Girl by Diablo Cody, but I was interested longer than that... I guess having the name Jenna and as a teen always having the boys make comments about famous sex industry worker Jenna Jameson kind of floored it.  I've read a lot about Jenna Jameson and have seen some great interviews she has given.  It is a fascinating world.
Bare was a great read.  It tells the story of Leila {Elisabeth's stage name} and some of the women she was closest to during her time working at The Lusty Lady in Seattle.  The Lusty Lady is known- anyone remember the 90's fight for a union for strippers?  Well that was The Lusty Lady in San Fran and Seattle's show rode on the same wave of media and sudden limelight as well.  The Lusty Lady is a peep show, famous for beautiful women dancing naked in a red box.  The memoir follows Elisabeth through her year at the Lusty as well as misadventures in the strip clubs nearby.  We also meet a host of characters who all share a story and shine a bit of light into the different realms of stripping, from table dances & lap dances to bachelor parties & private shows.  Bare is quite graphic, so I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who is not of the sexual nature.  If the sex you see on TV bothers you, do not pick up this book.  I enjoyed it very much, but then again I am in touch with my sexual side and have nothing to hide, nor do I ever feel ashamed of my sexuality.... but thats just who I am.  If you don't have an open mind then don't bother picking this book up... it may dispel some of the stereotypes of the sex industry, but to find that you must see the ins and outs of the industry first... and by that I mean X rated.  A great read, and very thought provoking on the topic of sexuality, femininity, feminism, men and power.

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