The Walking Dead

It is official: I am up to date with The Walking Dead.  I finished volume number 12 Friday afternoon... and I was lucky enough to score a copy from our local comic book store {props to Charging Star- they are great and the owner, Ryan is super helpful and cool to chat with} since the trade paperback wasn't due out until August 3rd.  Have I mentioned that I get them in trade paperback for a very specific reason??  The proof is in the picture- when laid out, all twelve books contain a continuous pattern of the walking dead.  I had to lay mine out in two rows of 6 so it would photograph well enough to see the amazing detailed artwork.  When displayed all 12 side by side, it is truly an artistic beauty.
Now, I have said it before... this graphic novel series is not for everyone.  It is dark, thought provoking, full of death, sexual and sometimes tough to read.  Kirkman really deals with the reality of society with no rules- what would happen?  We all know there are bad people who do bad things, but what  about all the people who are bad but don't do bad things because of the rules?  What do they do when there is no law... and what about the good people who need to do bad things- just to survive?
The theme is very end-of-the-world, downfall of society and fear of whats out there.  I've always liked a good end-of-the-world tale, hence why I originally picked up volume 1.  Never really into zombies, I wasn't sure I would like them... Joe was more into starting the collection than I was.  But I must admit, once I picked up the first book and read it, I practically had to fight with Joe to get him to give up the second one for me to read (he happened to be reading it at the exact moment I finished book 1).  Yes, I quickly became addicted to the series.  So, now that I have read the first twelve volumes... I am itching for #13.  They are currently still being produced in comic format, so right now the continued story is only in monthly comic book form.

If you have not read past book 5, stop now!

Throughout these first 12 volumes,  the reader is introduced to a cast of characters that run through the entire series.  Some are eaten by the roamers (zombies), some are killed by other surviving communities they find along the way, some killed by their own group and some die of complications.  Most of the volumes bring in at least one new character- whether fleeting or soon to become a new member of the group.  Each volume has its fair share of death and gore, but also has a very powerful underlying theme.  These themes vary, but the central idea is what I mentioned above- what happens when society falls apart?  We rebuild and try to carry on, but how can you survive when the majority of the human population has turned into roaming zombies?
There were a few very disturbing parts within the series thus far- the hardest was when a mother and her newborn baby are killed in friendly fire.  After that happened, Rick (the main character) and his son Carl are left alone to fight the scary world and try to survive.  Eventually, all ends well enough when the group locates Rick and Carl and saves them.  Another difficult scenario was the scene preceding that above- another group of survivors attacked Rick and his crew in cold blood, for nothing more than the security of Rick's groups' home (a vacant prison).  Many were lost in the slaughter, and it truly was disturbing due to the fact that it was good people turned bad.
Now, as I am up to the final available paperback copy, I am left hanging by a thread.  The group has encountered yet another community of survivors.  So far, every other group they have met turned out to be pretty awful and unable to trust.  This new community looks promising.  They decided to move in because they were low on food and the 'recruiters' seemed like people they could trust.  Upon entering the new community, they learn they will all take on certain roles or jobs to help sustain the community.  This place is made up of a few blocks of homes with walls to keep the roamers out... they are currently expanding so they can include a store, church and more homes.  Everyone is settling in nicely, but they have their reservations.  The people within the community seem so very calm... almost like they are acting in a make-believe world.  Willing to give it a try for clothes, food, safety and a roof over their heads, the group moves in and Rick becomes the town constable.  We are left with the scene of Rick and Glenn discussing their weapons (which were taken away and locked up) and how to get them back, as a precaution.
Based on the track record of the groups Rick and his fellow survivors have met, this seems all too good to be true.  Unfortunately for me, I can't run back out to Charging Star and grab volume 13 to find out... now I have to wait a good long while.

At least the AMC adapted show will be starting up in October!

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  1. How fantastic is this series? I've really enjoyed the graphic novels, I started reading them just before I began watching the TV Series; so I liked that they weren't exactly the same as on the telly. But I'm glad the TV series is on as I'm in the same boat as you, I've finished all that's available.

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