The Passage

The PassageVery very rarely do I purchase a book based on hype.  I also rarely buy new releases still in hardcover. However, I cracked and bought The Passage... a hyped up new release in hardcover.  It too a bit of convincing from Joe- reminding me that reading is my favorite thing, so why not splurge every once in a while.  Thankful that I took his advice and got the book... the hype was real.
The Passage is based on a government conspiracy gone wrong and the fallout afterwards. Justin Cronin leads us dead into the world of the unknown.  The world as we know it has been destroyed by an unknown virus that is killing the human soul and transforming us into violent creatures who stalk the night.
The Passage begins with the government experiment.  The reader is not fully aware of the magnitude of this conspiracy, but we immediately know it is doomed.  Also brought into the beginning is a sense of calm- found through God or some other mystical sense of being.  As the early chapters unfold, little is discovered.  We know there is violence unleashed on the world but we also know there is a beacon of light in the little girl named Amy.  Who is Amy?  Or better yet, what is Amy?  Is she a fallen angel sent to save the world?  And who are these beasts who stalk the night?  What are they?  As I dove deeper into the novel, I met the colony.  People who survived the initial outbreak and sustained themselves for decades.  There are only a few who know what happened, as everyone else is a descendant from the original settlers.  A colony of people living in the desert, surrounded by high walls and powerful lights.  They survive and carry on inside their safe haven, but yearn for more.  The colony is divided- those who are content to live a sheltered life and those who strive for more.  They've seen family "taken up" by the vicious beasts who hunt at night, but can feel in their souls that there are more survivors.. that maybe even their families are alive somewhere, hiding from the monsters who stalk the night sky.  There are those who have heard of stars and desire to see them.  But what has become of the world?  Did this happen only in America, or are other countries going on living like nothing ever happened?  Hope arrives in Amy.  Those who asked questions want answers even more.  There are so many questions to be answered, and so few opportunities to find the answers.  Some members decide to hunt for those answers.  Answers to Amy.  Answers to the night stalkers.  Answers to our history.  Answers to the fate of the world.
Justin Cronin paints a terrifying picture of what could come.  While the idea of the beasts seems far fetched, even by my standards, the idea of destruction and a need to rebuild is not.  What happens when America is attacked... the threat of attack and the downfall of society is real.  Will states succeed from the nation and fight on their own?  Will the rest of the world quarantine the States and leave us for dead?  What will Canada and Mexico do?  What will happen to the human race?  We can rebuild, we can survive, but how will we do it?  And who will be the ones ready to fight to rebuild America?

I highly suggest this book to all readers... it is part science fiction, part conspiracy theory, part apocalyptic drama, part survival lessons, part romance and humor and every other human emotion.  The Passage is every genre wrapped in one MASSIVE (seriously- gigantic) novel.  Huge on suspense and thought provoking material, Justin Cronin delivers in this novel.
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