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School is out on the 20th and I cannot wait... I think I'm more excited for summer school to be over than my students are.  They genuinely miss me (not that I don't miss them) because they don't really need a "break" from Miss P, just school.  I actually need a break from them because holy moly can those boys be draining.  Besides, they know they'll see me once or twice over break and they get to know what I'm up to via Joe.  I plan on getting down to that looming 'to do' list while on my break.

Blogosphere To Do:

  • Write reviews of past books

  • Finish at least 3 new books and review them

  • Comment and visit the fabulous bloggers on my list that I have severely neglected this past month

  • Spruce of look of blog

  • Get a new signature for my blog

  • Write some busy day posts

  • Schedule photography posts

  • Remind myself why I blog!
The rest:

  • Watch all the Star Wars movies {so I can actually understand and incorporate our facility's new boys dorm theme}

  • Learn new hoop tricks

  • Create a Star Wars themed solar system thematic unit for September

  • Scrapbook

  • Design a Christmas card template {so I can send out cards this year and not fall into the store bought trap}

  • Make Halloween tags for goody bags

  • Save my tomatoes by tying them up so they don't fall over any more than they already are

  • Cook delicious meals
  • Paint the porch
There is probably a lot more that I will try to get done... and I will probably drop a few of these off of my list.  However, I need to do as much as I can with the little amount of school break that I have.  Sounds like a lot {and I sure will seem like a lot} but with Joe working, I will need to keep busy!
Here's to a new year with fresh ideas and things crossed off my To Do List!
{my year is measured by when I teach! haha...}

write to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow

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