Checking in

Hey everyone! Hope you are all doing well on this beautiful Friday (is it nice where you are?). I've been a bit busy, so I have not been reading much. I just celebrated my birthday (on May 3rd) and have officially joined the 30's club! I know lots of people dread this... but, birthdays are just a number. I loved my 20's, grew a lot, changed a lot, etc etc... I am hoping for a calm and chill 30's. Haha.

I had a spectacular birthday... Barrett went all out and surprised me (I never do surprises, not my thing) and it was awesome. Friday after work I thought we were heading to grab Strabucks before softball, when suddenly he pulls into the massge place. He booked me an hour long massage and dropped me off for a relaing and blissful treat. After he picked me up, we went home and I walked in to a beautifully decorated house and a yell of "surprise" and a bunch of our friends jumping up. I was totally caught off guard and loved it. During my hour of relaxation blissdom, they were bus turning my house into a party zone. We had a great night and I felt so blessed to have such a thoughful man in my life to coordinate a surprise party. I am so grateful for all the friends I have in my life who made it a success and a fun filled night!

I got flowers, balloons, sweet treats, gift cards, the coolest shot glass ever (Danielle is the most kick ass birthday gift shopper), books, jewlery, new Birks (my Mom rocks) and Bear had his friend throw me a bowl on his pottery wheel and then B painted it. Such thoughful, personal, caring gifts. I am beyond humbled! We went out with my parents on Saturday to The Lost Dog (one of my favorite local places) and had dinner and cocktails. It was a wonderful birthday weekend full of friends, laughs, good times, good food, and great memories.

After my great whirlwind birthday weekend, I had a pretty chill week. Madeline had her first softball game of the season, the weather has been perfect, and I have been enjoying the sun. I only got to one book this week, but it was a great one. I started and finished Vengence Be Mine by Louisa Lo and I loved it. I will post the review this weekend. I'm also reading Dead Mountain on the side still (I started this during the readathon). We got to do some wedding prep this week as well... only 50 days to go! Hard to believe it! I am getting so excited!!

My plan for this weekend is to get some reading done, finish a few reviews, join up and plan for Bout of Books that starts next week, and to spend time with my family.

What are your plans? Have anything special planned for Mothers Day? As a stepmom, I tend to just keep myself busy on Mothers Day by spending time with my mom. Barrett always does something for me, and the following Sunday we celebrate a mini stepmom day wih M.

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