Wolves are my spirit animal....

Last month I had the opportunity to go hang out with wolves again! I love wolves. They have always been a favorite animal of mine, and one that I identify as my totem. Not to far from where we live is a non profit wolf sanctuary. We haven't been in a while, so late last month we decided to head up there for their presentation on the dire wolf and to hang out with the wolves for a little while.
Tashina, Naoka, and Dancing Turtle
Wolf Mountain is in Smyrna, NY and is situated atop a beautiful mountain overlooking scenic upstate NY. The driveway is so long and steep, that sometimes only 4-wheel drive vehicles are allowed up in the winter, and sometimes it is even closed to 4WD! This time, the driveway was closed, which meant we had to hike up the drive (quite the feat in knee-high snow). Thankfully, they've had snowmobiles up the drive so there was a good pack for much of the trek. Mind you, it was freezing and windy that day - so it was cold cold cold!

Inside learning about the Dire Wolf
Once we made it up the hill, we were greeted by the wolves and coyotes in their sanctuaries. We said hello then went inside to warm up and learn about the dire wolf. We had hot cocoa and got to see a skull of a dire wolf. It was incredible! Once we learned all about the wolf, we went outside to hang out with the wolves some more. They are beautiful and magical creatures - I absolutely love them.
Wolf Mountain is such a beautiful place, and we love to visit. Seeing the wolves and getting to be so close to them is incredible. Will, the founder and head animal curator, is knowledgeable and wonderful to speak with. He always shares such insight and his connection with the wolves is amazing.

Natani, an Alaskan Timber Wolf giving Madeline a proper greeting

Seneca looking stunning

Hunter getting kisses from Natani

The view from the top of the driveway at Wolf Mountain
check out how deep that snow is!!!
good thing part of the path was snow-blowed!

Hiking back down the mountain

If you are ever in upstate NY, I insist you visit Wolf Mountain... it is such a wonderful gem of a place. They have many programs and events throughout the year, and admission is only $5 - with the money all going back into Wolf Mountain. Right now, they are fundraising to bring in another 3-4 wolf pups. You can go help out by donating to their Go Fund Me page. You can also adopt an animal (or even the whole pack)... which is a really neat way to stay connected with WMNC.

And for those wondering what I meant when I called the wolf my totem... here is a nice little site with some information about spirit animals. There are many ways to look at and identify totems. I consider the wolf mine because it has been an animal I seek out and one that seems to find me - I bought a house where most nights I can wander into my backyard and listen to the wolves howl. This wasn't planned, but just an instance of seeking out the wolf. Those who know me would say I embody a lot of the wolf traits: "emotional, passionate, and the lover".... my next closest animal people who align me with is the beaver: "take charge, adapt, overcome".

"Throw me to the wolves, and I will return leading the pack"

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