Are you scared yet?

Happy Friday, friends! The work week is done and the Fall weather is finally seeping into upstate NY. Today's high is only 61 - my kind of temperature - and my yard looks like the trees shook off their leaves a bit early. The scattering of crisp leaves and cool air always gets me excited. This is by far my favorite time of the year. While I love all seasons, Fall is my favorite. The air and the atmosphere combine to make the most wonderful experience.
As always, Fall puts me in the mood for creepiness. I LOVE Halloween and I LOVE getting scared- although, I must admit that not much scares me these days. Watching The Exorcist as a little kid ruined me. I was that kid that crept downstairs while my parents watched it and thought I was in bed- I was around 9... I remember watching it in the big mirror (so I watched it backwards) until I got caught and sent to bed. Then I watched it on my own on mute. I was scared. Unfortunately, I think it desensitized me pretty early on, because not much else scared me after that. I then became the kid who wasn't afraid of things and when you jumped at me, while I may scream, I didn't run- you were likely to get punched. My reaction was no longer "close the eyes flight"- it was "yell and fight". As an adult, I crave that feeling of pure terror - I seek it out and am often disappointed. I may get a chill or two, or think something is creepy, but I don't ever truly get scared. Haunted houses, books, movies, documentaries, the woods... nothing freaks me out. I've been to places that are "guaranteed to scare" and react with a small jump here or there. I've seen so many horror films I can't even count them all, and I've read my fair share of horror novels. I can appreciate them all for their scare factor or creepy attributes, but rarely am I ever scared myself.

So, as I begin my reviews for RIPIX, I am not going to base things on whether they scared me. That would be plain unfair. I am going to judge the books like I do all books that I review- on content, writing, character development, etc. I will add in my thoughts on whether or not they have a creepy factor and my thoughts on whether or not they might scare (normal) people - even though I'm that weirdo that doesn't frighten easily (really, not at all).

I'm curious, how many of you guys out there participating (or not) in RIPIX get scared? Do books or movies frighten you? If so, what are you reading/watching - I want in! I can't wait to hear from you guys and see what creepy reads you are up to during the next two months. Happy RIPIX and Happy Autumn!

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  1. When I was a kid, I could hear the movies that my parents were watching. I had a whole different version of Poltergeist worked out. ;) I find it hard to get scared while I'm reading, but I hold out hope of finding some good chills and thrills.