Sensory + learning = Recipes for Play

The Experiment // September 2, 2014
paperback, 128pgs
ISBN: 978-1615192182
source: egalley from the publisher

About the book:
Fun and easy playtime “recipes” that use household items to engage all five senses, for children ages two and up.
Rachel Sumner and Ruth Mitchener created Recipes for Play for parents—and anyone else with a child in their life—who want to encourage tactile learning but don’t want their kitchen, living room, or porch overtaken by chaos. Recipes range from Yogurt Paint to Bubble Blow Darts and call for non-toxic, natural “ingredients” most of us already have—think flour, rice, lentils, tape, ice cube trays, ribbons, drinking straws, and sofa cushions. (The authors even give homemade alternatives for items like food dye.) At-a-glance icons show how each activity engages children’s sense of sight, hearing, smell, taste, or touch, and every recipe comes with simple setup and cleanup instructions!

My thoughts:
I was so pleasantly surprised with this book! I was afraid it would be just another book of same ol same ol ideas and ho hum writing. Especially with Pinterest, it seems like anyone can find quality ideas without purchasing a book... however, this book had great ideas that were both inventive and unique! Thanks to my field, I've tried many of the ideas, but some were new to me.
I think the book will contain many fresh and new ideas to lots of readers, especially those not immersed in the special education field. My experience with so many of the ideas is 100% because of my job and my engagement with our Occupational Therapists over the years.
Parents will also gain a lot of insight into sensory learning which is incredibly important to child development. I loved the incorporation of sensory information and allergy sensitive information. Sensory integration ideas and activities tied to learning are so beneficial- for all learners! Anything that pushes sensory is something I am going to push on everyone I meet.
This will be a great tool for any parent or caregiver... I also think it will be fabulous to have on hand as a babysitter - I wish I had a book like this back in my babysitting days (many moons ago!). It will also be a great addition to any younger classroom or OT office! 
I definitely recommend this to any caregiver!

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Book image and synopsis from Netgalley.com

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