Celebrity Cat Secrets

Want to make your cat famous? Follow these easy steps and you will soon be in meme heaven!

How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity by Patricia Carlin
Quirk Books // April 1, 2014
hardcover, 128pgs
ISBN 978-1594746796
source: ARC from publisher

About the book:
The Internet offers an unprecedented opportunity for cats to become superstar “personalities” with revenue-generating multimedia brands—but only if you know how to cash in.

With How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity, readers can unlock the secrets of grooming your kitty for success, creating a terrific viral video, managing your cat’s burgeoning stardom, and much more. Packed with practical tips and helpful diagrams, this indispensable resource shows how ordinary housecats can follow in the venerable pawprints of the Internet’s brightest stars.

My thoughts:
I'm not a cat person. I never have been. Partly because I'm allergic and partly because I've always had dogs. Even though I've not a cat person, I do thoroughly enjoy a good cat meme... I mean, seriously, who doesn't? I'm a Pinterest addict (not in recovery!) and always snicker at the cat funnies that I come across- and boy there are a TON. This awesome book is a mash-up of all that funny stuff you see on the internet with cats, along with some (maybe?) practical advice on how to get your cat celebrity status.
This book can be described in one word: hilarious. It is snarky and imaginative, with some of the silliest pictures I've seen. The topics are amusing, and the notes sprinkled throughout are witty and comical.
It is this mini satire on the whole famous cat phase we're going through and it is well worth a look see! - even to those non-cat people. So spot-on in today's pop culture, this is definitely a book worth checking out. Totally hilarious.

About the author:
PATRICIA CARLIN is the author of the hilarious Quirk backlist title How to Tell If Your Boyfriend Is the Antichrist (and If He Is, Should You Break Up with Him?). She lives in Pennsylvania.

About the photographer:
DUSTIN FENSTERMACHER is a photographer whose work has appeared in the New York Times, Vice, the Village Voice, New Jersey Magazine, Washington Post Magazine, and a litany of other publications.

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