The Book of Someday

About the book:
Sourcebooks // September 2013
From the earliest moments of her California childhood Livvi Gray has been haunted by a recurring nightmare, the terrifying image of a beautiful woman in a shimmering silver dress. On an early morning walk, while she’s making the most important decision she will ever make about love, loyalty and family, Livvi comes face-to-face with the stranger from her dream. This chilling encounter alters Livvi’s future and changes almost everything she thinks she knows about her past. Livvi’s story is told in parallel with the stories of a Boston photographer named Micah and a Long Island housewife named AnnaLee. One of them is defined by a stunning act of heroism, the other by a moment of weakness regretted for a lifetime. Micah, AnnaLee and Livvi have never met, but their lives are connected through an extraordinary mystery. A web of hidden truths that exposes the unexpected ways in which we protect, and betray, the people we love.

My thoughts:
I devoured this book. Dianne Dixon wrote a book that caught my soul and held on tight. I was so invested in this story. The way that she intertwined the characters stories and told this from multiple points of view kept the novel moving. It was interesting to try and piece together what kind of connection these people had, because it seemed as if there was no reason for it- until we get to the end and it all beautifully ties together.
A story of love, loss, and the choices we make, The Book of Someday is a great novel. It caught my attention and held on until the very end. My only criticism is the ending itself- it seemed to go out with a whimper. The ends were not fully tied up, which bothered me. But the ride that Dixon took me on for the entire novel overshadows that... and you all know me and my thoughts on endings, so for a book to overpower an ending I don't like is quite the feat. Mixed reviews abound for this novel, so I think it is a hit or miss for most people. I would suggest this to fans of her previous book, The Language of Secrets and those looking for a tale of trials with a dose of mystery.

About the author:
As a television writer Dianne Dixon (winner of the Humanitas Prize for Excellence in Screenwriting and double Emmy nominee) regularly received glowing reviews: “Her characters dance off the page.” (Jane Hewland/Sky Television, UK) “An enormously gifted writer.” (LaVerne McKinnon/CBS Television)  “Her knowledge of storytelling is both clear and articulate.” (Nate Hopper/Sony Pictures). Now Dianne is receiving equally enthusiastic response to her work as a novelist: “Captivating, fascinating.” (Seattle Post-Intelligencer) “Absorbing and provocative.” (Huffington Post) “Convincing prose, particularly the dialogue.” (Kirkus) “An exciting new writer, capable of creating a well-paced, emotional page-turner of the best kind.” (Katie Crouch, New York Times bestselling author of Girls in Trucks and The Magnolia League).
Dianne is a former Visiting Professor of Creative Writing at Pitzer College in Claremont, California, a nominee for the Mary Routt Chair of Writing at Scripps College, and has taught screenwriting at the Dodge College of Film & Media at Chapman University in Orange, California.

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FTC: I received an egalley of his book in exchange for a fair and honest review. Book & author information provided by the author's website, image provided by NetGalley

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