Bout of Books Wrap Up

Well, this was not my best readathon to date. Bout of Books 9.0 came at a busy time for me- lots going on and the first week back to teaching after a 2 week break (aka teacher hell). I did not read as much as I had hoped, but I did finish one book: Jenny Rat by Martin Simons. I also started in on Pawn by Aimee Carter and hopefully will get that done this week.
I participated in a few of the challenges- they were cute and fun this year! I enjoyed them.
I did get around to a few reviews, although I did them on my NetGalley and  on GoodReads- no official posts for the blog. I am a bit saddened by my lack of goal-meeting for that.
Also during BoB9 I somehow managed to screw up my blog format and design. I spent a decent amount of time just restoring it to a basic template and trying to put back in the widgets I lost. That ate up a chunk of time and I'm still not yet in the clear.

Bout of Books 9.0 Stats:
Total pages read: 524
Total hours read: around 12
Books read: Jenny Rat (completed) and Pawn
Challenges Participated: 4

Overall, I didn't participate as much as in the past and missed a lot of the fun with Bout of Books 9.0 due to just being busy. What I did join in on was great fun and I hope that I can commit more time next go around! Bout of Books 10 is happening May 12th-18th and I plan to have another go with one of my favorite readathons!!
Don't forget that the BoB9 linky sign-up is still up so you can browse through some of the blogs you may have missed- there were a ton this time! I know I will be going back and looking through!

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