Candy & the Cankersaur

Candy and the Cankersaur by Jason Sandberg - a team review with my favorite 7 year old, Madeline.

About the book:
Candy and the Cankersaur is one of author Jason Sandberg's "lost tales".... it is a story that he wished he heard as a kid. This children's book features a dinosaur named Cank, who comes into Candy's life- but oh no!.. Candy's neighbor is a bit of a bully and gets jealous. What will his act of jealously be? Will Cank be alright?

My thoughts:
I adored this book! It was quite cute and fun to read. Candy is a sweet little character that hints at having a Daddy that works just too much. Soon, Cank enters her life and she has fun teaching new tricks to her dino pal. Too bad her neighbor, Chucky, isn't kind and sabotages Candy and Cank's happiness!
Sandberg did a good job developing Candy and Chucky in a short amount of time. He laid the foundation for trouble right away. He also planted the seeds to discuss busy parents by introducing Candy's dad.
The moral of the story is excellent and something SO incredibly necessary for kids these days. Chucky is always competing and can't ever be happy for Candy. The theme of jealous and comparing yourself to others is quickly and soundly developed. I think it would behoove many parents to read this with their kids and discuss those themes... it touches on the materialistic view of society.
I definitely recommend this one!

Maddie's thoughts:
I loved it! The pictures were really cool and I liked the dinosaur. It makes me want to get a dinosaur. My favorite part was when Candy got Cank and played games with him. If I had a dinosaur I would play games and feed it, but I would take out its teeth first so they were sharp and cutting things like Candy's.
Did you notice the cartoon that Chucky watched? It was like Curisous George, but not Curious George. I don't like Chucky very much because he is mean to Candy and steals her pet. It was good they made up. I think that all kids would like this, mostly girls. Probably kids who are like my age, 7... so maybe 5 to 9? It was good.

Madeline read this while driving home from a wedding out of town. She quickly was engaged in the story and read the whole thing without pause. She was quite animated while discussing what she liked about the book and pulled that "5 to 9" age group of out who knows where- but it is totally spot on! Madeline is an advanced reader for her age group and read this story without a problem.

About the author:
Jason Sandberg is a fine artist who is producing the "missing books" from him childhood.

write to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow

FTC: I received this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review
Image and author information provided by the author

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