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Hello All! Hope you had a spooktacular Halloween and a wonderful weekend. How are you feeling with that amazing extra hour of sleep?! I'm certainly happy about it, but that earlier darkness for now. Boo.

Any-who, I have plenty coming up on the blog. I'm currently reading the Matched Trilogy by Ally Condie. I got the first book, Matched, when it first came out in November of 2010. Then I never read it- it sat on my TBR shelf and soon Crossed (November 2011) sat with it. Finally I picked them up, since the third installment, Reached, is released this month. I have my order in for Reached and will be thrilled when it comes in! I've finished Matched, so look for that later this week. Crossed and Reached will follow later this month.

I also received my updated & revised version of Harry Potter Film Wizardry when it came out last month. I love Amazon for delivering items on the day they are released! I am super happy that I waited to get the updated version, instead of buying it when it was originally released (with only Deathly Hallows part 1). Be on the lookout for plenty of pictures and my thoughts on Film Wizardry soon!

With the film release of 
The Perks of Being a Wallflower, I decided to revisit the story on my Kindle. It was as stunning as it was the first time I read it. I plan to compare it with the movie if I make it to see it before it leaves theaters. If not, I will post that review & comparison when the movie is released to Netflix or RedBox and I pick it up.

This coming week will also feature some photo-posts. Tomorrow Barrett and I will be going to the Penguin Putnam Book Sale. We go every year... I've been going since I was in college, and know NOT to go on Saturday. WAY too crowded. I like to go on the weeknights. This year will be one trip for personal books & Christmas gifts for my nieces & nephews. Typically we both get books for our classrooms, but this year we are electing to skip out on the class books and just do a smaller book haul for us. For those of you who haven't been, I will post pictures so you can see the amazingness that is the book sale! I'll also post some Halloween photos, basement workout room additions, and maybe a few funny work photos.

Oh, and a quick update on The Casual Vacancy- I started it and was interested, but other books tore me away. I am going to give it another go-round later this month. I need to pull my mind away from JK Rowling and Harry Potter so I can truly enjoy the book for what it is.

I may also be updating the look of my blog this month... is it too early to change to a Christmas theme?! This snow & promise of an upcoming Nor'Easter are getting me in the (early!) spirit! 

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