First 'droid post

<p>Hello blog world!&nbsp; Im currently sitting at the bar while Barrett bartends (and I drink Sam Adams and wait for him to get off so we can go see Apollo 18).&nbsp; Normally Im with Erica or playing a cheesy game on my cell or chatting up the other barflies.&nbsp; This time I figured Id give my hand a try at the blogger app and upload from my phone.<br>
So, lately I have been reading lots of short stories.... due in part to the fact that we've been on a few roadtrips lately and ghostly tales are always good for the car and campfire.
I read Garfield's Ghost Stories around the campfire to B's little girl Madeline. She enjoyed them, but at 5 years old she preferred Daddy's made up creepy stories to Garfield's mild spooks.  This is definitely a book for younger children and those who spook easily. Each tale is pretty harmless... filled with pirates and foggy nights... all with a (for lack of a better term) "happy ending"... but credit is due- the endings don't "explain" the ghostly happening... they just keep everyone out of harms way.  I'll link up the book with this post when Im on a computer- not sure how to do it on the phone yet.
As for my other current ghostly read, well.... I'll delve deeply into that later. It is good stuff!
Cheers to my first cell post- heres to hoping it works!


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