The Lightning Thief

The Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Lightning Thief: The Graphic Novel (Percy Jackson & the Olympians)
A couple of months ago I purchased The Lightning Thief {graphic novel} by Rick Riordan for my classroom.  The kids have thumbed through it and a few read it and really enjoyed it.  I figured it was about time I pick it up as well, so I brought it home and read it the night before last.  It was okay... not bad, but not overwhelmingly amazing.
I didn't know much about the novel {or the fact that it was a series} so I asked the kids who gave me a little run down and told me it was only book 1.  In this book, Percy begins to uncover the truth of who he is and embarks on a mission to save his family.
The books concept is interesting... the idea that the Greek Gods we learn about in mythology class are very much real and living among us is pretty cool.  The Lightning Thief seems to be the very beginning, so I will need to go get the rest to figure out how the story plays out.  I also want to add that the illustrations were cool too- nothing spectacular, but definitely worthy of artistic credibility.
I wouldn't suggest getting this unless you plan on purchasing a few at a time.  It was a real quick read and isn't a novel that holds the reader enough to want to run out an grab the next in line... I fear that I may forget what happens before I finally get around to getting the next in the series.

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