Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Diary of a Wimpy Kid
This weekend I spent some quality time with Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney.  Pegged "a novel in cartoons", this kid-friendly young adult novel s excellent!  Filled with the ups and downs of middle school, this easy to read and highly entertaining "novel in cartoons" is a crowd pleaser.
The main character, Greg has received a diary from his mom.  Quick to claim it is NOT a diary, but a journal of his life, in case he makes it famous, Greg details his first year in middle school.  With a rock-star wannabe older brother always out to get him and a tattle tale wo can do no wrong for a younger brother, Greg has his share of comical stories that revolve around his time at home.  Greg is also pretty scrawny and isn't exactly high on the popular list, so he also has plenty of stories to share about floating in the grey area of middle school.  His best friend Rowley is a nerd and a baby, but they get along great... until things turn sour.  Greg is anice kid, but his "jokes" aren't always taken as such.  Sometimes Greg is a bully (even though he HATES bullies who dare to bully and humiliate him).  The reader follows Greg as he learns lessons the hard way, realizes his mom isn't always so out of touch, messes up, fights with his brothers and tries to climb his way to the top- not without casulaties.
With plently of lessons and teachable moments, Diary of a Wimpy Kid chronicles the tough stuff that is middle school, fitting in and finding your way.  Told is true adolescent boy fashion (I should know- I read journal entries every day!) with comical cartoons to go along, Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a great novel for young readers.  Whether read alone, with a parent or sibling, friend or teacher, this novel runs along quick and leaves the reader waiting to hear what happens next year in Greg's life.

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  1. My daughter loves these books! I've read one (Dog Days) and thought it was funny. Greg doesn't always make the best choices, but seeing him learn his lesson is very amusing.