Million Little Mistakes

Million Little Mistakes
Another cover story.  Isn't it pretty?!  Million Little Mistakes is by Heather Mcelhatton and is a "choose your own adventure" novel- for adults!  I remember those as a kid- I loved them.  I'm actually reading a horror choose your own adventure from the early 80s ("soooo old" according to them) as a read aloud for my students.  Anyways, I digress.
 "Congratulations- you just won $22 million in the lottery! So what happens next?" 
I'm not sure how I can even describe this novel because it is a choose your own adventure.  The first page describes your experience as a lottery winner... suddenly people see you differently.  Your first choice is whether you will quit your job, or continue on.  As you keep making choices, your fate changes.  You can always go back to change your mind... but what is the fun in that?  I've read through this 4 times today, and have yet to experience the same fate.  So far I have been murdered, turned undead, was reincarnated as a mushroom and once had a successful ending.  It is really cool!
The only complaint is that it gets kind of far-fetched.  I mean, really... turning undead?  I don't think my winning the lottery would ever produce that outcome.  Plus, some of the choices I had to make had no relevance to me or my personality.  However, it was still fun and is a good break from reality.  This would be a really good busy day purse book... you can stumble through a quick adventure while waiting in line.
Pretty Little Mistakes: A Do-Over NovelHeather Mcelhatton is also the author of Pretty Little Mistakes, another "do-over novel" (or, as I call it out of habit.. a choose your own adventure novel).  I'm thinking about picking this up as well, because I'm having a lot of fun with Million Little Mistakes. 
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