The 24 Hour Readathon -- soon!

Whoa. Is it seriously time to start getting prepared for Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon?? April 23rd, 2016 is the day... I put the readathon on my calendar as soon as the date is released and I try to plan around it so that I have an entirely free reading day.
This upcoming readathon, I am free (at this point!). We have no family plans or other engagements. It is our weekend with Madeline so knowing Bear, he will plan a full day of out-and-about fun with her (he does this for himself too when he is home during a readathon!).

I really don't have any plans for this one- I will make a stack of books and buy snacks, but I am planning to be low pressure again. Not setting goals of blog posts, interactions, books/pages read, etc makes me enjoy the readathon more, so I am sticking to that format!

So... who is all joining in the fun? Sign ups are open, so go mark your calendar and get joined up  in the fun! Hope to see you all around for the readathon!

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