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Well hello, blogosphere. It's been awhile.
Things are busy, as always. Like I said, this time of year is notoriously busy.

I have been reading though! November was a decent month, I read a few books.

I finished Madeleine Roux's Asylum and jumped right in to Sanctum. I loved them both. I also read The Scarlets, an Asylum novella. I was wait-listed for Catacomb at the library, so I didn't get to finish the series in November. (My hold just came in last night though, so I will be finishing Catacomb soon!). I've really enjoyed this series so far. I also finished The Bone Artists last night, which is another novella in the series.

I finished Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - I've been reading it with my students. We started Prisoner of Azkaban and they're really enjoying it. I am doing the free range readalong with The Estella Society for the Harry Potter reread... I'll be finishing Prisoner of Azkaban and wrapping up the series on my own in December.

I also got my first Book of the Month box! Woohoo! (I won a subscription during Dewey's Readathon) I picked Barbara the Slut by Lauren Holmes - and it was GREAT. I laughed so hard while reading this one. The short little vignettes were awesome- it was like reading a collection of mini character profiles.

Aside from reading, we've just had a busy month. We had our annual cousin cookie baking day! We do this every year and always have a very fun time. We bake, make crafts, decorate cookies, play, eat, and just have a fun family day. Bear and I hosted this year, so we had a packed house!


Thanksgiving has come and gone. We had a wonderful day! This was the first year Barrett was able to get the holiday off in the past few, so it was extra nice to have him and Madeline with me once again.

My good friends, Sue and John got married the day after Thanksgiving too. Their wedding was a beautiful fall affair, filled with great food and fun! Sue looked stunning, and John was handsome! I am so glad to have shared in their day.

How did November wrap up for all of you?

November Stats:
Books finished in November: 5
Pages read in November: 1,137
Blog posts in November: 1
Bookish IG posts in November: 10

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