Picture Me mini review

Picture Me by Lori Weber
James Lorimer & Co
March 1, 2014
Paperback, 168pgs
ISBN-10: 1459405102
soucre: egalley from the publisher
About the book:
When a well-meaning English teacher has overweight student Krista read aloud a poem about body image titled "Barbie Doll" in class, she ignites a simmering bullying event based on Krista's appearance. Krista's best friend, and witness to the event, Tessa, is suspended for fighting to defend her friend. The girl who bullies Krista seems unaffected by the incident at school and more concerned with what an older guy thinks of her. But as the three characters' paths intersect, their inner lives are revealed. Each emerges as a much more complicated individual than their simple bully, target, and witness labels.out the book:

My thoughts:
Very touching quick read. The themes of bullying and accepting yourself are great, especially for young girls. Also liked the inclusion of how the girls were affected by their fathers no longer being present in their lives. The honesty of war and how it can change a family are also well played out in this novel. Will definitely recommend this book to my female students. It could also be a great read aloud to the class to open the discussion of bullying, society's view of body image, and other themes.
About the author:
LORI WEBER has published poetry, short stories, and essays in several Canadian literary journals and collections. She has also writtern several YA novels. She lives in Pointe-Claire, Quebec.

~ Jenna

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