The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Volume 2: Miles Behind Us (v. 2)The Walking Dead, Vol. 1: Days Gone Bye (v. 1)
The Walking Dead is a graphic novel series written by Robert Kirkman.  It is an apocalyptic series- dealing with zombies and the end of the world.  It is also an amazing social commentary.  As of now, there are 13 books in the series, each following the main character Rick that we meet in book 1 when he awakes from a coma to find the world ruled by zombies.  I know that to a lot of people zombies seem silly and stupid- but this series has been raved about for years (since 2006).  Joe & I decided to pick it up and give it a try at the recommendation of pretty much everyone who has read graphic novels.  So far, we have purchased volumes 1 & 2.  We plan on getting the rest as time goes on, but they are an investment at $10+ a piece.  So far after reading both volumes, I am hooked.  It is a black & white comic series, with crazy good art.  Tony Moore is well known for his art... and I must say that this series in NOT for the weak stomached or faint of heart.  If you like horror, this is for you.  If you're squeamish, well.... not so much.  The books aren't necessarily scary- but the images are quite graphic.  Zombies are pretty nasty.  If you can look past the sometimes frightening images, you will see an amazing social commentary developing.  So far I have meet quite the cast of characters, and they are all going through the same situation... but the greatest part of this book (as well as the reality of society) is that each person responds to said situation differently.  Emotionally, physically and socially they all act different- just like society would as a whole if something like crazy-end-of-the-world-mass-destruction happened.  I also enjoy the book simply because of the subject matter.  No, not the zombies (I am actually a zombie-movie-hater... so Im surprised I like the series) but the government involvement / conspiracy theory / end of the world / social norms themes. I have always been a conspiracy theory type person, and fully believe in being prepared for what may come... but I won't get into my theories here.  If you want to talk about that, message me.  But alas, I digress.  The series is entertaining so far, and Im already chomping at the bit to go back and buy volume 3.  I totally feel like a kid again... I can remember when Stephen King's The Green Mile came out as a SERIES and in 6 separate books and you had to wait for the next one to come out... this was back in '96 when I was 11 and reading Stephen King (yeah- wow.) and saving my allowance to get the books as they came out every month and a half.  This series is like that for me now... (not a common thread through the series, just the feeling of saving to get the next book in the series).
Since I stumbled upon The Walking Dead a little late, I didn't realize until now that they are going to make a mini-series or something for AMC in October of this year.  I think that could be cool... but who knows- many things turned to the big screen fail.  The video below is a bit of info about the AMC project.  I hope that even though this genre may not be your cup of tea, you check it out... at least for the sake of venturing into the graphic novel section at your local bookstore.

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