Mini House & Off The Grid

Off The Grid: Modern Homes + Alternative EnergyMini HouseRecently, Joe came home with two great books: Mini House by Alejandro Bahamon and Off The Grid: Modern Homes & Alternative Energy by Lori Ryker.
I enjoyed both books thoroughly.  I want to live "off the grid" for multiple reasons (yes, I care about the environment!.. but I also hate 'the man' and would love to live outside the strong grip of dependency).  I also like to live small- maybe not as small as the homes in Mini House, but we do believe is living simply.  Mini House is a book that is great for beginning to think small.  It demonstrates how much you can get out of a small square foot and how relevant it is to live with only what you need.  Off The Grid is better for those who already have begun forming ideas around home building.  It lays out the prices (quite high) and the payoffs (even higher!), as well as teach the reader how to live sustainably.  Off The Grid really explains how to manage these projects.  Both books offer beautiful examples of both small homes and sustainable homes. 

If you're interested in building your own home, or just looking for ways to make your home more efficient, either book would be a great choice.  If anything, go check them out just to see all the beautiful examples of sustainable homes!

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