Where, oh where has that little bird gone?

Im back!  Back from a beautiful, tropical vacation!  Joe & I took a break from it all and went to St Maarten.
We had an amazing time... we spent the majority of our time lounging on the beaches and wandering the island.  St Maarten is super small... 31 square miles I believe.  We drove the entire island and walked around quit a bit also.  The Butterfly Farm that we visited while there was also really interesting.  If I can figure out how to upload videos on blogger, I will post some of the Butterfly Farm- it was very neat!
While we were there, I read 2 books.  I read Crazy School and American Therapy: The Rise of Psychotherapy in the United States.  I loved loved loved Crazy School.. didn't care for American Therapy so much.  I will post reviews within the next few days on both Crazy School and American Therapy... along with The Secret Life of Bees and The September Society.  Be on the look out for some heavy updating, posting, reviewing, and visiting my fellow bloggers!
See you soon!

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