Wait.. Im supposed to update??

Ohhhh HI.  Welcome to my dusty little blog!  So sorry I have neglected getting out the Pledge and rag to dust it off.  Crunch time right now- lots of prep and planning for vacation... 2 more IEPs due next week... progress notes.. educational assessments... State Ed barking down my back... making alternate programming in the classroom.. and just being over-worked in general.
I have 1 review to get posted and another should be coming up soon.  I also have a few crafty projects to show- alternated tshirts, hair pieces, headbands, and homemade candles.  Andddd I have to update my 2010 book list- 'cause, I haven't really even made it yet.

So for now, I say so-long... as I go watch Devil Wears Prada, drink some wine and grade a bunch of papers!

write to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow

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