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So I was just spending some time catching up on my blog list reading.. and while catching up on BermudaOnion, I stumbled upon the NY reading challenge, hosted by Fizzy Thoughts.  I figured there is no way that I can't join this challenge!  I only live a few hours from the City, and go there for lots of fun adventures on the weekends.  I love love love the City... and Joe lived there for 4 years when he was in his early 20s... and we have friends who live there.. and a million other reasons we spend time downstate.  So, since I am from 'upstate' and I do love 'downstate', I am joining this challenge.

Running from 2.1.10 to 5.15.10, the challenge is to read 1 book set in NYC and review it.  Also, to participate in the fun mini-challenges.

So, to kick off my joining up in the New York Challenge:
February Mini Challenge: write a list of 10 things about New York... places to go, places not to go, books, reasturants, wishes etc.

Jenna's Top Ten City Experiences {over the years}:
10. Seeing the tree for the first time {2001}
9. MoMa for an art retreat {2003}
8. buying my lamb hat @ a flea market {2010}
7. seeing Vampire Weekend @ Union Theater {2010}
6. The Carter Hotel experience{2007/2008}
5. photographing "Imagine" in Central Park {2009}
4. photographing The Met & street performers {2008}
3. getting caught in the rain while waiting for the 7 train, with Joe {2010}
2. seeing Moe. @ Radio City Music Hall on New Years Eve {2007/2008}
1. spending the day with Joe, visiting his old stomping grounds {2010}

Mostly cheesy stuff right?... but because I live relatively close to the City and can go whenever I want to, the best experiences have amazing memories attached to them.  We always do lots of random things, and don't really ever do 'touristy' stuff- hence why I didn't see the tree until I was in high school.  Mostly walk around, get to where we're going, drink a lot of coffee (woohoo for Starbucks on every corner!), and just meet up with people.

write to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow


  1. Sometimes just wandering around is the best way to see a city.

    Thanks for participating!

  2. Oohhh...I want to come to New York! I have never been. How fun to live close to the city. I'm almost finished with The Doctor's Wife! It's a good one. Thanks for the recommendation Jenna! Happy Friday!