Reading zones

Welcome to my reading nook(s)... Joe & I took the tree down a few days ago and have been changing up the living room.  On the left is the new addition - it is behind the couch, so when I don't want to lay in bed, but Joe is watching tv, I am still in my own quiet zone.  The picture on the right... well thats the original reading nook, which has so nicely been stole by Benji!  Good thing the chair fits us both, so we cuddle up a lot while I am reading.  I only have 2 book shelves- which look fairly empty right now because I have about 20 books out to people on loan... and a stack next to my bed.  I wish that I had never sold so many books at garage sales years ago- but I am rebuilding my book collection.  Hope you enjoyed a peek into my book zones!

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  1. I could curl up and read there with you!!

  2. Thanks for sharing your pics! I love looking into other people's living spaces--especially their reading nooks!

  3. Looks like really cozy places to read - thanks for sharing!