The traffic in Jersey was bad. But at least there weren't any large animals in it.

Confessions is a hilarious account of Susan McCorkindale's adventure in becoming a farm girl. Complete city girl through and through, Susan allowed her husband to convince her to move to the middle of nowhere to help out his brother and to get away from the scary fast paced city life. After much convincing, Susan gives in and goes for the much sought after country life. Unfortunately for her, there isn't a Starbucks in site, DSW, salon worth a blowout, or anywhere to wear her brand new stilettos. Adjusting to living on a farm is hard enough - going from a top exec job in the heart of NYC to the backwoods of farm country.. well hard doesn't even describe the transition.

Well written and humorous throughout, this book left me laughing and begging to have a chicken coop and some cows. Wait- maybe I should slow down... Susan did warn me that the only grass thats greener is the stuff you're smoking.

Not only is every chapter full of parallels to my life (Irish Italian? You betcha! Sounds like Carmella Soprano when angry? Check! Big Italian ass? Uh huh! Slightly crazy? Yep!) but also they are full of great information and tidbits about farm life. In between chapters she has nifty little charts and lists, complete with a "glossary" of farm speak at the end, and footnotes scattered throughout the book. All which make the book even more comical.

Originally beginning as a side project stemming from her need to contact the "real world" of her past life, emails and blog posts began to form this memoir. Throw in a dash of her side splitting column in the local news, and you've got the recipe for a great memoir! Well worth looking at - whether you're a farm girl already or a city girl thinking about moving to the farm... or just in need of a good laugh - grab Confessions of a Counterfeit Farm Girl, sit back and laugh out loud! Just try not to scare the cows.


  1. This one sounds like a lot of fun, even if it doesn't parallel my life!

  2. Thank you for the wonderful review, Jenna. I'm so happy you enjoyed the book!