Mini review: The Chamber of Secrets

Whoops. I thought I had set this to publish on the 8th, but apparently I only hit save. UGH. Sorry. Here are my thoughts on my reread of Chamber of Secrets!

Oh how I love Chamber of Secrets.
Chamber of Secrets is one of my favorite rereads. I didn't love it as much early on and in my early rereads, but now that I'm on my double digit reread of it, I have grown to appreciate it more. The introduction of Tom Riddle is one of my favorite parts in the series. I love the glimpse we get into the history of Voldemort.... and knowing the deeper history thanks to reading the series makes the introduction of Riddle that much better.
The concept of the Chamber is unique and intriguing. I love the fact that Harry can talk to snakes finally comes into play. It clicks in year 2. The diary is terrifying and brings the darker magic into Hogwarts. However, the charm and wit that Dobby brings to the table is the BEST. I absolutely fell in love with him and think he brought so much to the story. Dobby also gives us a little insight into the life of house elves, which sets the stage for future books. Lockhart is also a really fun character, especially his time in the Chamber.
The last bit that I truly love is the important role that Fawkes plays in this book. I have always really liked the mythology behind the phoenix, and LOVE that those pieces were brought into Harry Potter.

Overall, The Chamber of Secrets is one of the books that really appealed to me and one that I truly enjoyed. It seemed to help me get into the series when I was younger and first reading them - because once I made it through Sorcerer's Stone, I was interested in what could possibly come next... it was the ability of Rowling to add twists, turns, and surprises that kept me glued to the series.

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  1. I liked the house elves too. I wish that they were a bigger part of the movies but at least they kept Dobby!

  2. Your right, Chamber does give us out first glimpse of Riddle. I love how everythign fits together so nicely in all the books.

  3. Jenna, it's taken me forever to try to catch up on all the posts! I'm finally doing it :) And it's through this reread that it really sunk in just how significant Fawkes, in being a phoenix , is to the entire series, especially that it is reborn from its ashes and has healing powers. When you know the mythology (though it differs in different cultures), it's obvious why J.K. chose phoenix feathers for the two wands and what happens when they connect, that the Order is the "Order of the Phoenix" too. Lots of symbolism throughout the entire series, which I LOVE so much! :)