Sorcerer's Stone collection

I'm obsessed.
There, I said it.
Everyone who knows me, knows I an a HUGE Potterhead.
So, naturally, I had to join the rereadathon.

I finished The Sorcerer's Stone reread last night - marking the 13th time I have read it! (yes- really!) On the inside cover of my paperback copy, I write the dates I have read the book. The first 5 dates are only years because that was before I wrote specifics. I started to add months when I started reading it more than once in a year.

Now, here is a sad revelation as a Potterhead... I must admit, I was one of those people who didn't get hooked right away.
I read The Sorcerer's Stone back in '99 and didn't really care for it. It didn't hook me and make me salivate for more, like it did most first time readers. At that time in my life, I was 14 and completely obsessed with RL Stein and Stephen King. I devoured both authors regularly, so I think the switch to the magical world just didn't go over well for me. I didn't pick up the series again until the end of high school in 2003. That was when I found a love for the series, and the rest is history.

Sorcerer's Stone is where the magic begins, and every time I sit down to read it, I feel like I fall in love with it all over again. Even though I have read it 13 times, this time was just as magical as the 2nd (because, like I said earlier, that 1st time wasn't highly magical for me). My love and obsession for all things Harry Potter has grown over the years, and what started as just a love for the books has grown into a love for the entire empire.
It started with rereading the series. As I read them again and again, I was constantly finding new things.... things I had not noticed before, things that were surprising, tiny details that hinted at the future, details that tied it all together... the thought that was put into the series is what kept me coming back for more. And more... and more.
As the years wore on, my collection grew too. I started grabbing books, memorabilia, tshirts, and really anything Harry Potter related. I have tons to show, but today I will just share my copies of the Sorcerer's Stone.
My 2nd copy of the book - I donated my very first set to my classroom when I first started teaching.
The beautiful updated version that came out this year
The mass market "for schools only" edition
My crowning jewel - the leather bound collectors edition
I also have the ebook editions, which is actually what I read from this time. I plan to read this entire rereadathon on the Kindle so I can highlight and make notes while reading, which I have never done before.

I love to collect, so of course I would love to get more versions of all of the books, but especially the 10th anniversary edition of The Sorcerer's Stone with the Mirror of Erised cover.

So everyone - what versions do you have and which one did you read from this time? Have any of you listened to the audio books? (they're awesome, btw!)

Can't wait to browse all your posts and hear what you all thought of The Sorcerer's Stone this time around!

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  1. STOP IT. That leather bound edition is the sexiest. And UGH, I am SO jealous that new PB is the best. I want it but I want to branch out with my editions, and I've got the old American ones, I want a few British editions (but the covers ALL SUCK).

  2. Gorgeous, right?!!!

    I do *love* the new Bloomsbury covers released this year, but shipping them to the US adds a pretty penny to the price! UGH.

  3. Had I not committed in my heart to read the whole series, I am not sure I would have continued after TSS. It's not that it was bad. I enjoyed it. It just didn't grab me. The Chamber of Secrets certainly did. That and being sorted into a house. It's good to know that I'm not alone in that. It's also good to repeatedly read that each time someone picks this book up that they find something new. It makes me all the more excited to finish the series - so that I can reread it again. :)

    1. Once I reread Sorcerer's Stone when I was in high school, I enjoyed it... but like you- it was Chamber that really got me excited.
      I think the Pottermore experience really does help to bring the books to life!

  4. I only have one paperback copy and the French version on my iPad.

  5. Jenna, better to fall in love late than never :D :D :D And I LOVE all these covers! I only have the original paperback.

  6. I love having different versions of the books.... I am full on HP dork. Working today on adding up house points... soon we will be reviewing book 2 and I feel behind on the points announcement. :) Should post yet today!