Please excuse the mess...

Life was kind of a mess.  My landlord is terrible and my apartment is constantly in need of some major repair.  Im looking for a house (I am beginning to head down the 'first time home buyer' road) and really hope to find one within the next 4 months.  I JUST got my craft table put up (thanks to the landlord and his horrible electrical practices)... I am debating where to go with this blog... more focused on craftiness or more focused on reading & reviews... I would like to evenly do both- but time will tell. 
I truly miss blogging!

For now, please excuse my silence and the mess while I re-vamp this blog. 

ps: I am updating my challenge lists on my sidebar since I have completed them... for now, no links to reviews (I have a LOT of reviews to catch up on) but they will be top priority.

write to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow